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    The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Your Home for Sale

    This guide is a great resource for the information you need to help you list your home for sale.

    This is a general guide for home sellers so not all of these items will apply directly to your home sale. By collecting the information and gathering the paperwork now, you’ll be better prepared to make this a smooth transaction.

    There are also some practical tips on how to make your house show-ready. This list comes from years of experience working with both Sellers and Buyers and following marketing trends. My goal is to help you get the most money for your home in the shortest time possible with the least amount of stress.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to me by emailing me at or calling/texting (941) 586 3229.


    This section outlines what information and paperwork you should gather as it is all information any potential buyer will want to know.


    • Copy of Survey (if you have one)
    • Copy of Elevation Certi?cate (if you have one)
    • Copy of Floor Plan (if you have one)
    • Copies of Permits and Inspections (if applicable)
    • Anything that must be assumed with the sale of the property
    • Copy of Mortgage Information
    • Copy of all contracts entered prior to closing (eg. Roof to be installed, new fence agreement with neighbor)
    • Receipts of all Improvements/Repairs to property


    • What year was your home built?
    • Age of Roof?
    • Age of Furnace?
    • Age of Windows?
    • Age of Doors?
    • Age of Central Air Conditioning?
    • Age of Pool?
    • Age of Pool Liner?
    • Age of Pool Equipment?
    • Age of Hot Tub?
    • Garbage/Recycling Days?
    • Shut off Valve Locations
    • Contractors Used for Lawn Maintenance
    • Last Time Septic was Pumped?
    • Last Time Septic was Serviced? (if applicable)

    Preparing Your Home

    This section outlines the things you should be doing to get your home ready to go on the market. You don’t have to do it all yourself, you can hire people to do some of this for you. If you would like some recommendations on reputable local professionals just reach out to Kathleen by email at or by text at (941) 586-3229.


    Flooring (Carpeting, tile, hardwood, etc.) Doors
    • Clean any stains
    • Repair excessive wear or damage
    • Carpet or area rugs need to be cleaned or replaced?
    • Dirt, fingerprints or other stains?
    • Need new paint?
    • Open/close easily without squeaks or catching on the floor?
    • Latches/handles secure and working properly?
    • Time to update the hardware?
    • All closet doors installed?


    Walls and Ceilings Windows Glass
    • Dirt, fingerprints or other stains?
    • Nail/drywall holes, tape residue?
    • Cracks, chips, water damage?
    • Need for repainting or new wallpaper?
    • Paint neutral, light colors (light gray/off white)
    • Clean/chip- and crack-free?
    • Open/close easily?
    • Latches/handles/locks secure, working properly?
    • Dirt and fingerprints on frames or sills?
    • Screens clean and without holes?
    • Any broken seals or foggy windows?


    Window Coverings (Curtains, drapes, blinds, etc.) Bathrooms/Powder Room
    • Dirt or stains? Excessive wear or sun damage?
    • Open/close easily, hardware working properly?
    • Every surface clean?
    • Countertops organized, free of clutter? Fresh soap?
    • Sinks clean, faucets working properly?
    • Tub and shower surfaces clean?
    • Towels stain-free and hanging neatly?
    • Shower curtain clean and in good repair?
    • Toilet extra-clean and working properly?
    • Closets organized and clutter-free?
    • Medicine cabinet clean, “personal items” removed?
    • Tub and shower surfaces and grout clean?


    Lighting (Lighting makes a room feel more inviting) Basement, Furnace Room, Garage, Attic Storeroom
    • All bulbs working and proper wattage?
    • Broken switches, exposed wiring?
    • Table and floor lamps working properly?
    • All bulbs are same color
    • Clean and well-organized? Clutter and excess “junk” removed?
    • Remaining items stored/stacked neatly?
    • Everything thoroughly vacuumed/dusted?
    • Wipe down furnace and top of hot water tank


    Pet Areas Clean OUTSIDE YOUR HOME
    • Organized, odor-free?


    Entryways and Hallways Structures
    • Clean and free of clutter or obstructions?
    • Welcome mat(s) clean and inviting?
    • Exterior surfaces clean, in good condition?
    • Front-door exterior clean, inviting? Repaint if necessary.
    • Gutters and downspouts clean, in good repair?
    • Gates open/close properly, hardware working?
    • Fences/decks in good repair, in good condition?
    • Sidewalks and walkways in good repair?
    • Driveway clean, in good repair?


    Closets and Storage Areas Yard and Environment
    • Clean and well organized?
    • Clutter and excess junk removed?
    • Clothes hung neatly and not jammed together?
    • Shoes neatly stored/stacked?
    • Lawns mowed/edged regularly?
    • Large bare spots repaired?
    • Leaves removed from lawns and flower beds?
    • Trees pruned, hedges trimmed?
    • Flower beds weeded and tidy; dead plants replaced?
    • “Junk” and scrap removed?
    • Lawn furniture clean, organized, good repair?
    • Bicycles, children’s toys stored neatly, out of way?
    • Firewood organized and neatly stacked?
    • Yard cleared of “doggy land mines”?
    • Garbage and recycle bins cleaned and free from smells
    • Pool cleaned and properly serviced


    Kitchen Living Room, Dining Room, Bedrooms, Den and Study
    • Countertops organized, all but daily use appliances?
    • Refrigerator cleaned inside and out?
    • Organized?
    • Light bulbs working? (Buyers look!)
    • Burner trays cleaned?
    • Sinks clean; faucets working properly and leak-free?
    • Garbage disposal in good working condition?
    • Pantry cleaned and organized?
    • Everything thoroughly vacuumed/dusted?
    • Excess furniture removed for roomier atmosphere?
    • Remaining furniture clean and in good repair?
    • Wood and other surfaces clean and polished?
    • Bookshelves neat, organized and clutter-free?
    • Children’s games/toys stored neatly?
    • Fragile items removed and stored?
    • Smaller valuables removed/locked away?
    • Window coverings open for views and sunlight?
    • Mirrors clean and in good repair?
    • Fireplace clean, logs stacked neatly?