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    When did people start subjecting themselves to this delicious little slice of Sunday madness? Almost 120 years ago, the word brunch appeared in print for the first time in the United States. “The latest ‘fad’ is to issue invitations for a meal called ‘brunch…a repast at 11 o’clock a.m.,” a column in the New Oxford, an old Pennsylvania newspaper, explained in 1896. Originally conceived for the wealthy as a drawn-out, elaborate affair, brunch, like a runny egg, soon dribbled out into the mainstream.

    By 1939, The New York Times declared Sunday a two-meal day. By the 1960′s, brunch’s popularity gave rise to specific cookbooks, and by the 1990′s, Americans started brunching on Saturdays too. Now, brunch has become more popular than ever. The story of brunch is the story of changing patterns in how Americans eat, live and interact. If you enjoy brunch as much as we do continue reading here for some of the best brunch spots in the Sarasota area.

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